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Trying to help make a better world
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Andrew 'Boz' BosworthAndrew 'Boz' Bosworth, Facebook veteran
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The internal culture at Facebook is difficult to define. I'm not trying to be vague, th... (more)
Visakan VeerasamyVisakan Veerasamy, blogs @
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2014 EDIT: Just to avoid confusion; this was written at the start of 2013! I'm still working here and having loads of fun.

My life has gotten really interesting in the past year or so. Really, really interesting. (I'm biased, of course.)...
Visakan VeerasamyVisakan Veerasamy, blogs @
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My last few answers weren't anything particularly special, but they've been getting more upvotes, and quicker, than some of my better answers in the past.

I suppose I should be happy about this, because it means that I must be getting more "eyes" on what I do, but I can't shake the thought that ...
Visakan VeerasamyVisakan Veerasamy, blogs @
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